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We specialize in orchid hybrids species and Zamias native to low and intermediate elevation tropical forests, where temperatures are above 70oF and humidity is high. All plants offered are flasked in our laboratory and nursery propagated. We are located 30 minutes away from Panama City, on the Transisthmian highway, near the Panama Canal. Visitors are welcome. Please call for an appointment.

Saludos, amigos de habla hispana. Les ofrecemos orquídeas y Zamias para clima caliente a intermedio, apropiadas para áreas con temperaturas sobre los 15 grados y humedad relativa alta. Todas nuestras plantas son propagadas en laboratorio propio y cultivadas en viveros. Estamos ubicados a 30 minutos de la ciudad de Panamá, Carretera Transistmica, en las cercanías del Canal de Panamá, donde gustosamente recibimos visitantes. Por favor llame para programar su visita.

DISCOUNTS: 10% on orders over $1,000; 20% on orders over $3,000 No discounts on species offered in groups. Prices in US dollars.

CITES AND PHYTO: documents are provided, they have a $75.00 cost. Freight charges are estimated before shipping plants. You must check the import requirements in your country. If you are in the United States, contact the US Department of Agriculture for requirements and more information about importing orchids. Orders must be prepaid.

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